Do You Know These 7 Sex Positions Men Love?

With spring comes bright colors, short skirts and…relationships. Is it just me or does it feel likeĀ everyone is in a relationship? On my way to class today I must have seen at least four couples holding hands and looking lovingly (or sickenly, whatever you’d like to call it) into each others eyes. OK, we get it. You guys are hooking up. You’re getting your frustration from finals out through sex. Lucky you! Those of us that aren’t in relationships are envious.
If you’re in a relationship or even just doing the whole “random hookup” thing, sex can always be made better. Whether you pull out one of these seven sex positions men love, or get it on in a new place, it’s always good to spice things up a little. Enjoy the freshness of spring and try out something new!
[Lead image via krivenko/Shutterstock]

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