Win an Awesome iPhone Case! [Giveaway]

I finally made the smartphone transition this year when I got my iPhone. I had been stubborn, because the idea of carrying around such an expensive, fragile thing really freaked me out. But, like everybody else who has one, now I love my smartphone. And I’m practically glued to the screen at all times. My fear hasn’t disappeared though. I’m still terrified of breaking the thing, and I’m sure I would have at this point if it weren’t for my case.
I know I can’t be the only one with this problem. And because we love our CC readers, we’re going to help you out. We’re giving away an awesome, indestructible phone case from Ballistic. Check out the details below.
You can now stay protected and maintain your trendy appearance with a case you can fit in your pocket, the Ballistic Lifestyle! This case offers the best of both worlds — its ultra-sleek profile creates minimal bulk, but still provides maximum protection. It’s also equipped with interchangeable Ballistic Corners in various thickness options – so choose your style: curved or rounded – either way you’ll be protected when life strikes.
Sounds pretty neat, right? Well, the good news is we’re giving away five!
1. To enter, leave a comment telling us the worst thing you’ve ever done to a phone. Make sure to use your real email address so we can contact you if you win.
2. Contest ends May 3rd at 11:59 PM.
3. Please note this giveaway is only open to US residents. For official rules and more legal mumbo-jumbo, click here.

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