Jessica Simpson Has Her Baby! [Updated]

Word on the street is Jessica Simpson has checked into a hospital in Los Angeles today to have her baby. Jessica’s family members have arrived at the hospital to support her so all we can do now is wait for the official news that the baby has been born.
The baby was supposed to be due on April 20, so this can definitely be considered way past due. Jessica has looked like she’s been ready to pop for a while now, but the moment is finally here! I don’t know about you, but I’m curious to find out how big the baby is. There have been reports that Jessica’s OB/GYN predicted the baby to be ten pounds! Ouch.
The giant size of the baby isn’t that surprising, though, considering it feels like Jessica Simpson has been pregnant forever. Regardless, we’re all happy for the soon-to-be new mom!
UPDATE: Jessica gave birth to a baby girl named Maxwell Drew Johnson. She weighs over 9 lbs…not surprisingly.

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