WTF is May Day?

Today I wished my lovely CC editor Alex a Happy May Day! I guess I thought May Day was just celebrating the month of May, and since it’s the first day of the month, what better day to celebrate it? We then got to talking about what we thought May Day actually was, and came to the conclusion that neither of us had a clue.

I have a vague memory from last year when my professors from the English department danced around a May Pole. Seems kind of strange, but the students seemed to enjoy watching our professors make fools of themselves. A little payback for all those group projects they assigned maybe? Anyway, I thought I would take a moment to actually clue you guys in on what May Day actually is. It varies from country to country, but basically May Day is a big festival with dancing and singing and kids running around with ribbons in their hair. I have been reading all about May Day from the best source in the world, Wikipedia, and I still can’t seem to grasp what the hell May Day is. So here are some good guesses!

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