18 Reasons Why Kate Upton is NOT Better Than You

Back when Kate Upton’s Sports Illustrated cover came out, we gave you 17 reasons why Kate Upton is better than you. The post was made in fun, and was meant to celebrate Kate for being a beautiful, confident lady. But today, a new video came out that made us question our love for Kate Upton. In the video, she’s dancing around in her famous red bikini for documented creep photographer Terry Richardson.
Worst part? Terry actually reaches over to adjust Kate’s bikini strap at the beginning of the video. Eew. Come on Kate, don’t let him do that to you! Yeah, you look pretty great in that bikini. But the fact that you’re bouncing around for Terry Richardson makes our skin crawl. We still think you’re gorgeous, but your choices are getting a bit questionable.
So, in light of Kate’s bad judgment, here are 18 reasons why she’s NOT better than we are.