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The Rules of the Dating Game [He Said/She Said]


Anyone who tells you dating isn’t one big game is, if I may be blunt, completely full of sh*t. Dating is absolutely a game and, if you don’t play your cards right, you’re going to be striking out quite a bit. Luckily, there are rules in place to keep you from looking like a crazy desperado. And most of them sprout from common sense…which means that, with a little self-restrain and a fair amount of good judgment, they’re pretty easy to follow. I’ve rounded up a few of the most basic and important rules right here for you to get you on your merry dating way.

Texting…do it in moderation. I get so mad at my friends when, after trading numbers with a guy, they proceed to text him. That night. Literally five minutes after we left the bar. Three minutes after we left the dude in question. It’s not just a friendly, “Hey, had a great time tonight! It was fun meeting you!” It’s a cry of desperation that says you haven’t gotten laid in six months. Wait for him to break the initial post-meeting silence and, once he does, don’t act like a Stage Five Clinger. Texting him every five minutes and expecting an immediate reply is not attractive.

On that note, Be Nice. While you’re busy being cool and aloof, he’s probably talking to some other girl who’s funny and nice and charming. There’s a fine line between playing slightly hard to get and being a complete ice queen. And guess which girl he’d rather spend his Saturday night with?

Hide your crazy alcoholic alter-ego. Pregaming your date + drinking on your date + potential overtime date drinking = unhappy ending. The first time a dude sees you on your knees shouldn’t be when you’re hunched over a toilet puking your brains out. Let it be a lesson to us all!!

Don’t talk about your ex or ask about his. At least not for a while. Exes should by NO means be first (or fifth) date conversation, especially if things ended badly. There are good kinds of TMI (“Sometimes I get really horny when watching HGTV. Do you think that’s weird?”) and there are bad kinds of TMI (basically anything to do with your period). Exes are the bad kind until you know someone really well.

Keep an open mind, but not too open. Your mom used to say that you can’t dislike carrots if you’ve never had them. I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t refuse to date bankers/brunettes/etc. if you’ve never dated one. That sentiment, while wise, does come with a three date clause. The clause says that if by the third date you’re still feeling only lukewarm about the guy (or if you flinch every time he touches you) by all means end things. In observing this rule, you can figure out for certain what turns you off while  taking the chance on something that might actually –surprisingly — work out.

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Alex loves rainbow sprinkles, retro bromances, and cultivating an iTunes library superior to yours. Most days, though, she just wishes she was Beyonce. Got something to say or a good conspiracy theory you’re just dying to share with someone? Follow her on twitter @AlexandraRane or on Tumblr.

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