How To Make Him Talk About "The Future"

There comes a time in most relationships when that “where are we going” talk needs to surface. In a perfect world, this conversation is obsolete. It’s simple: girl likes boy, boy likes girl. They hang out and have fun until they no longer have fun. Am I right? However, some people feel the need to understand expectations and boundaries for one another. And normally the females are most interested in that discussion. Note that I said normally. This is definitely not always the case. But how many times have you or one of your girlfriends dated that guy who treats the “future talk” like a deadly contagion? Hey boys, it doesn’t have to be so scary!
Regardless, it can be an intimidating topic to breach. Fortunately, our friends over at YourTango have this conversation down to a science. Literally. Get the full break down here!

[lead image via Dmitriy Shironosov / Shutterstock]
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