A Mouth Spray That Makes You Instantly Drunk? [Current Events Cheat Sheet]

France elected a new president. Previous Prez Nicolas Sarkozy is out and Socialist Party candidate Francois Hollande. The election of a Socialist president in the struggling European Union is significant- many fear his leftist views will make the European economy even more unstable. The world’s opinion? Not so good. Markets tumbled after Hollande’s win as investors pulled their money out, out, out.
A 13-year-old is CEO and founder of a company that has created a cure for hiccups. Her product is the Hiccupop, a lollipop that stops hiccups. She invented the treat one day after she had a particularly horrible bout of the hiccups that just wouldn’t go away (been there!). She tried hundreds of “cures,” and combined her three favorites — sugar, apple cider vinegar and lollipops — into a single product. Does it work? It’s hard to test until, well, you know, you get the hiccups, but I would be down to try.
The terrorist group Al Qaeda has posted a video of a kidnapped American development worker. Warren Weinstein, 70, was kidnapped last August from Pakistan where he was working on a project for his company. A few months later, Al Qaeda announced that they were responsible. Now, in the latest update, the terrorists have announced that Weinstein will be killed if Obama does not meet their demands to release all Al Qaeda and Taliban militants currently being detained and end all U.S. airstrikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. “If you accept the demands, I live,” Weinstein said in the video, “If you don’t accept the demands, then I die.”
A French designer and an American scientist have created a portable mouth spray that causes instant drunkenness. Just one little spritz and bam! It’s like you’ve been taking shots all night. But don’t get too excited: the buzz reportedly only lasts a few seconds. The “WAHH Quantum Sensations” system (think they could’ve come up with a better name, btw?) spritzes a teensy, tinesy bit of alcohol (only .075 milliliters) right into the spot where it matters most in your mouth so that the chemicals are instantly absorbed. But you better enjoy the next couple of seconds, because before you know it, that warm, wobbly feeling will be gone and you’ll be jonesing for another spritz. How much for the novelty? 26 bucks.
Pic o’ the Week:
(AP Photo/CU Independent, Andy Duann)
A bear that was made famous for his famous photo after wandering into the University of Colorado Boulder and being tranquilized was killed by a car on Friday. Poor fella’.

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