How to Be Awkward: At The Bar


Being awkward is an art form honed over many weekends spent singing out-of-key karaoke and talking about people when they’re right behind you. Of course there are a variety of ways you can be awkward, and not all of them are created equal. Surely it’s worse to be the awkward girlfriend than it is to simply be the awkward girl in class, right? Not necessarily. While we’ll likely explore both of those scenarios in the future, today I’m going to teach you how to be the awkward girl at the bar. Because she’s everyone’s favorite. Duh.

It’s not easy being awkward. You need to remind yourself of this simple fact every time you see someone out and about actin’ a fool. It takes an unnatural amount of ignorance, indifference and social ineptitude to truly be the mayor of Awkwardtown Saloon. Fear not, perfectly-average CC fans! Keep reading and perhaps one day you can be as cringe-worthy as the girl in the purple fringe skirt enthusiastically grinding against the guy who simply DNGAF.

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[Lead image via CREATISTA/Shutterstock]