Reasons Women Will Love Marvel’s The Avengers

I was one of the fortunate fanboy fanatics to have seen the 12:02am showing of Marvel’s The Avengers last Thursday. And HOLY SH*TBALLS!
The number one reason, Ladies, why you should go see this movie – and you DEFINITELY should run to see this movie – is because…IT’S A GODDAMN GOOD MOVIE! (Apologies, Allfather for the blaspheming.)
Joss Whedon’s pulled off one of the greatest magic tricks in the annals of cinema. It’s a movie filled with leading men who already have their own following, epic stakes, monsters, and still manages to be character-driven.
What you’ll take away from the film aren’t the explosions resulting from an alien invasion, it’s the explosions of personalities colliding and finding ways to not just co-exist but connect to one another. Ladies, let me give you the rundown of “must-see” reasons that this film is for you:
Strong female protagonist:
Scarlett Jo. It’s no secret that she was shoehorned into Iron Man 2. While getting a decent treatment, she was a pawn in an overcrowded and overburdened sequel. Here, Whedon goes back to his bread and butter, crafting a performance tailored to an actor’s strengths, and those strengths include intelligence. Just when you think he might have let her go and given her a plodding plot-driven moment to get from point H to point I, he gives you a reversal that makes you realize that The Black Widow’s been done more justice in this film than in the majority of her comic book career.
The Chris’s:
Evans ass in lots of it in blue spandex…some even in khakis. And Hemsworth’s divine biceps. Whedon has definitely given more eye candy for y’all than for us…and we were given Scarlett Jo and Cobie Smoulders – I mean Smulders. Ladyboners galore await you.
The bravery to have fun:
The dialogue crackles louder than the gunfire…and Robert Downey, Jr. being, well, Robert Downey, Jr. Rarely do you see a big budget studio mandated popcorn flick that provides a master class in comedic timing. Half of this movie is spent in anticipation of the punchline, and they’re almost all perfectly timed.
It’s made for you:
It’s a movie that doesn’t talk down to its audience. Action films, particularly those associated with comic book properties, have a stigma that they’re dumbed-down storytelling. Popcorn flicks. Folks, this is the rare popcorn flick that is absolutely filling. Whedon’s at the top of his craft. The care given to character, a camera that is almost always checking in so that you never get lost, and capturing the moments it needs to keep everyone engaged. No character is forgotten for the sake of pacing and every featured character has AT LEAST one moment that allows them to not just play a part, but inhabit a human being that has needs, wants and fears.
Joss Whedon’s made a damn near perfect genre film. Whedon is completely in tune with what the audience is expecting, what we want, and when to give it to us. And even gives us a few extra gems that we didn’t know how much we’d enjoy.
Fantastic performances from the principles and the supporting cast. Real people amidst a fantastical world that’s been finally cemented after years of hype. A razor-sharp script that treats its audience with respect and passion. This isn’t a movie, it’s an experience…with a vengeance!
Joss Whedon: I kneel before the master.
The Dude
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