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This Major Character Was Left Out of The Hunger Games


Like so many of you, I’m a fan of the Hunger Games. I devoured all the books over a particularly lazy summer weekend, I’ve seen the movie — and critiqued about it extensively with my friends. And ya know what? The books and the movie both left out a pretty significant character.

I noticed it on my own and didn’t say anything. I mean, this is fiction after all. Authors can take liberties and omit certain…inconvenient…characters. But then I saw a post over at HelloGiggles written by someone wondering the same thing as me: Where the heck did Suzanne Collins hide one of Katniss’ closest acquaintances?

Are you guys picking up what I’m putting down? If so, please tell me you had the same revelation! Where? How? Huh?! (Need to get in the loop, click here and be prepared for your world to change.)

[Lead image via Yuri Arcurs/Shutterstock]