18 Celebrities Rocking the Tramp Stamp [PHOTOS]

If I’m being real, I think that women who have “tramp stamps” get a bad rap. I guess I blame Wedding Crashers for making the lower back tattoo into a “sure thing” or a “bullseye”. It just seems unfair that a tattoo on a certain place of the body became synonymous with “slut”. I mean, I get that it’s right above the butt and butts are sexy to men, but I’m not sure if it’s a fair assumption that each and every female with a “tramp stamp” is a tramp! But that’s just the wanna-be feminist inside me.

I don’t have any tattoos nor do I ever plan to get one on my lower back, but if that’s your thing, go for it! And guess what? If you want one or already do have one, you’re not alone.┬áSurprisingly, tons of celebrity women are rocking the “tramp stamp” ! From Paris and Nicole to Khole Kardashian and Kate Moss, these women are proud to display their tattoos. Check out which other famous ladies got branded right above their bum in our gallery below!

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