Ellis Faas Light [In Our Makeup Bag]

What It Is: Ellis Faas Light in E301

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:

Eye shadows are one of my favorite makeup products, especially now that brands are coming up with all sorts of new formulations!

Light comes in the same bullet-shaped tube as all of Ellis Faas’ products, which is interesting for an eyeshadow. Even liquid shadows are usually in a squeeze-tube, so I’m intrigued by the potential difficulties associated with the design. As for the formula, Ellis Faas says, “Although liquid, they dry upon application to create the illusion of metallic eyes”, but suggests that you can also use them as a highlighter.

How To Use It:

I’ve found that it’s too messy to apply directly using the brush included, so I have turned the bottom of the tube until product comes out, then wiping it on the back of my hand and using either my clean fingers or another brush. This product dries down EXTREMELY quickly and becomes very hard to work with, so move fast!

I’ve used this as an eyeshadow and also as a cheekbone highlighter. It is not the most subtle highlighter, but I liked it for a night out.

(blended out, applied heavily)

CC Rating: D

Ellis Faas Light is an interesting product, and while I always appreciate creativity within a brand, I’m not thrilled with this product. On Sephora, shade E01 is described as “antique silver”, but as you can see from the photos, it appears to be more like a bronzed gold. Light is quite opaque and sparkly when applied, and when I tried to sheer it out, it became somewhat patchy. It’s also difficult to layer and clumps easily when you try.

As for wear time, I got about 4 hours with no wear when I didn’t use a primer and about 7 or 8 hours with a primer. I never wear any eye product (except for MAC and Benefit cream shadows) without a primer, so I don’t mind that Light required one. The size/cost ratio of Light is also disappointing. Given, the unique delivery system reduces wasted product significantly, but you’re still only getting 0.085oz for $42. If this product was outstanding, I would say it’s worth the money, but I’m honestly not sure if it is.

Ellis Faas Light is available from Sephora.com for $42, along with the rest of her unique range.

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