In Defense of Eating Alone [Sex in the News]

Traveling alone and having to eat at restaurants is the worst if you’re a women. At least that’s what CNN and the founder of a new female-only app called “Invite for a Bite” are saying.

This App “solves the problem” of eating out alone when you’re traveling. On the site you can either search for a invite or create one, connecting you with other women in your destination. Now, I’m all for this idea. It’s a great way to meet other travelers or have a local to connect with and learn about a new culture in the process. That’s wonderful.

What isn’t wonderful is how this app depicts women. In the CNN article, founder of another App, called “I Love Your Accent,” Rachelle Peachey says, “When I walk into a restaurant or bar alone, I feel others see me as either a woman out to pick up men or a sad, lonely spinster.” I question if our gender has really advanced when otherwise successful women can’t deal with being out alone. While the App is a good idea — and hey, I might even try it next time I’m traveling along — it does create a crutch.

Eating alone may seem uncomfortable at first, but it doesn’t take long to get used to it. I’m a solo diner if I’m in my home city or if I’m traveling. I like food and I like my independence. Throw the two together and I’m happily sitting alone people watching over dinner by myself. If you’ve ever skipped a meal or felt sad as your crammed McDonald’s into your mouth instead of real food, just because you didn’t want to dine-in alone, I encourage you to try it.

Savour your food, enjoy your own company, and don’t be afraid to order dessert!

Do you like to dine alone? Why or why not?

Leah is just waiting on a piece of paper to say she has her Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University in Toronto. She just wrapped up working on the Ryerson Review of Journalism. Now she is spending her obscene amount of free time baking tasty cupcakes and hunting for a job (hopefully that pays). Follow her @Elleandbee.

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