Solange Is Sexy and Sleek [Celebrity Chic on the Cheap]

I’ve always had a soft spot for Solange. As Queen Beyonce‘s little sister, the world was never going to give her the opportunity to shine in her own right, so she’s had to carve out her own professional niche that was different enough from Beyonce’s, but not so different that it was blatantly obvious she was trying to be different (ugh, reason #94748383 I’m so grateful I’m an only child). Solange is a talented singer and writer, but for the last couple of years, she has been a professional party attendee, with the occasional high-profile DJ gig thrown in. She has an excellent sense of style – a really cool mix of quirky, trendy, haute couture boho-chic that is always visually captivating.

v-neck – Victoria’s Secret, $24.50//skirt – Macy’s, $24.99//necklace – NY & Co, $22.95//clutch – Ebags, $23.99//heels – Endless, $43.99

A plain white tee is a necessity. The neckline on this one from VS is subtly sexy and flirty. It provides a great contrast to this awesome asymmetrical skirt. These skirts are totally in this season. Some of them skew really ugly, but this black chiffon one is simple, lightweight and elegant. A pair of sleek pointy-toed stilettos elongate the legs.. Because the ensemble is so simple, Solange went more dramatic with the accessories. A green clutch is an unexpected addition, but it totally works, and a big statement necklace adds the perfect amount of flair to this simple yet stylish ensemble

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