Students in China Study With IVs!?

Student raises hand. “May I be excused to go get my amino acid injection?” This is a real thing. And it happens pretty frequently in China.
Sure, we’ve all cut class for a number of reasons. The weather is too bad, the weather is too good, we partied too hard, we’re still partying too hard; the list goes on and on. However, we actually found an excuse for cutting class that truly surprised us. It is very common for students in China to cut class so they may spend a longer time IN class. Students often head to the clinic for an IV drip of amino acids. This restores their energy levels and allows them to study longer hours for the Gaokao, the Chinese equivalent of the ACT or SAT. Now that is productivity! But not productive enough.
It became more and more evident that students were losing precious study time during the walk to and from the clinic. The solution? IVs in the classroom! Anyone else find this a bit creepy? It also shows the extreme pressure these students are under to do well on this test, and should probably put most people’s educational experience into sharp perspective!
Here at the CollegeCandy office, we thought of a few other things we’d want in IVs above our desks. Check out our list below:


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