The Best of Dad-isms [Photos]

Sometimes, I take my dad for granted. He always has the best advice, but he also takes ten hours to get out a sentence. He just always thinks out his thoughts and advice so carefully that he speaks as slow as it takes me to run a mile (I can’t run a mile), but even though he can be a bit of a bore, he always knows the right thing to say.
Dads are so wise and knowledgeable. Mine is the smartest man I know by far, and I bet you think yours is too! That’s just what dads are supposed to be–smart, wise, and loving. And because the Internet is the greatest thing in existence, there is a website dedicated to awesome dad advice called Dad-isms. And we here at CollegeCandy have found some of the best of the bunch! Enjoy! (And go hug your dad.)

[Lead image via Dubova/Shutterstock]

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