Get Fit With Burst Training [Dorm Room Workout]

Lately, study after study has come out showing that interval training, or burst training, is the most effective way to get in shape, stay in shape and increase endurance. So what is burst training? In this high-intensity interval training, you do a full body exercise for 30-60 seconds, rest for the same amount of time, and repeat until you’ve been going for about 4-12 minutes. The most important aspect of this training style is that, during the intervals, you are pushing yourself absolutely as hard as you can go.
Interval training is perfect for days when you don’t have much time or space to exercise. This video, made by fitness and nutrition expert JJ Virgin, is the best explanation of interval training I’ve seen. I interviewed JJ back in December, and this lady knows her stuff. She explains everything you need to know about how to burst train safely and effectively. Check it out!
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