Our Favorite Fictional Couples [Photos]

I have a confession. I am a pop culture junkie. I watch way too much television — more than the recommended amount — and I own way too many DVDs because I have a weird tick where I need to own every movie that I love. This also leads me to be very emotionally invested in fictional characters. If one of my favorite TV couples finally gets together, I shed tears of joy and then troll Tumblr for amazing fanfic and gif sets of the first kiss. I am fully aware that this is not healthy, but I can’t help it!
I love TV and movies, and I love the characters in them. If there weren’t people like me, there would be no Finchel or Jam or “Ross and Rachel”! And yes, that’s a good thing! How else would any of us create unrealistic expectations about love and relationships if these couples didn’t exist?! Exactly.

Who are your favorite fictional couples?  Let us know in the comments! 
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