Three Year Old Breastfeeding on the Cover of Time Magazine [WTF Friday]

Time magazine’s recent cover is making waves in the media and getting a strong response from the public. And for good reason! Stay-at-home mom Jamie Lynne Grumet (26)  was photographed breastfeeding her three year old son! The cover aimed to draw attention to a story on attachment parenting, a practice started by Dr. Bill Sears. Attachment parenting encourages breastfeeding beyond infancy, parent/child co-sleeping, and what they call “baby wearing,” where the child is attached to their parent by a sling. Attention attained!
The internet immediately exploded with mixed reactions regarding the cover. Some people said it was super progressive and a great (albeit bold) way to draw attention to this parenting style. Other people were less impressed, explaining that the whole thing was super tacky and disrespectful. The more conservative responses held that parenting is personal and it should stay in the family and not exploited by the media. Many people thought a three year old still breast feeding was “just wrong.” While I’ll admit the picture was, at first, a bit unnerving (did anyone else picture Lysa Aaryn breastfeeding the 6 year old Robin in Game of Thrones?), I don’t think anyone can say it is right or wrong. Pregnant celebrities pose nude on magazines all the time, and it isn’t considered scandalous, but artistic and beautiful. Not sure how this is too much different? Novel, sure. Wrong, maybe not.
What do you think about the Time Cover? Totally WTF or A-Okay?

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