Sundays Are For Procrastinating: 10 Best Movie Kisses Of All Time

While romantic kisses in real life never seem to quite measure up to the ones on the silver screen, one can always dream. We see these ridiculously romantic kisses and get goosebumps hoping some guy will pull us out into the rain and lay one on us. Well in reality, I think I might be kind of pissed if I spent all that time on my hair and makeup just to have it ruined by a thunderstorm. And what about the lightning? I’m just saying. Anyway, movie kisses are great. There’s generally a lot of build up and tension, and it’s literally fireworks when two characters’ lips touch.

To continue in our effort to help you procrastinate, here are our 10 best movie kisses ever (in no particular order)!

From Here To Eternity

The Notebook

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Pretty Woman

Bridget Jones’ Diary

Love Actually


Gone With The Wind

Lady And The Tramp


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