The Beauty Department [Web Spy]

We all have our everyday beauty routine, but sometimes it’s fun to try out a new hairstyle or paint your nails a fun pattern! If you’re anything like me and always looking for new beauty inspiration, look no further than The Beauty Department.
The Beauty Department is of my favorite go-to resources on the web since I discovered the site a few months ago. Brought to you by the always-chic Lauren Conrad and her hairstylist and makeup artists, Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine, The Beauty Department houses all sorts of wonderful hair, makeup and nail how-tos and helpful tips, accompanied by gorgeous pictures!
Check out this this fab ombré manicure or this colorful, temporary hair color idea or these articles on how to seal your mascara and clear-skin tips. In addition to the great tutorials and tips, The Beauty Department also has great articles on current and upcoming beauty trends (like hair chalking), and even hosts awesome giveaways every once in a while!
A lot of you may have even seen The Beauty Department‘s hair and/or makeup tutorials on Pinterest and didn’t realize that they came from this awesome little site. Every day there is something new to learn – the site provides you with your “daily dose of pretty”!

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