Finding a Boyfriend Through Online Dating, Week 3 [One Month Challenge]

Well loyal readers, it’s time for another installment of “What the Hell Did I Get Myself Into By Agreeing to Try Online Dating?”, and I hope you’re all as stoked as I am! It’s been a whirlwind of a week. I’ve been super busy with school (Trimesters were created by the devil. I’m not done until the second week of June!), so I haven’t been living up to my full OK Cupid potential. I still have the app on my phone, which does help a lot because I can receive messages from guys I’ve been talking to or seem interesting to get to know. If you ever consider online dating with Ok Cupid, I highly recommended getting the app if you have a smart phone. It really works wonders.
This past week, I’ve been getting the same old shtick from the guys on OK Cupid. Some are creepy, some are nice, and some are just not my type, but it is what it is. I stopped messaging guys I thought were cute/interesting/worthy of my time, because I am still really interested Mitch. Am I kind of defeating the whole purpose of this task? I’m supposed to be shopping online for a boyfriend right? I feel like I’ve been walking around the store, browsing all the stuff, trying some of it on, but I’m still holding onto that one really cute shirt I loved. (Just haven’t made it to the check out to purchase it…) Will I ever be ready to purchase the shirt? I don’t know.
I was out of town his weekend and unable to communicate with Mitch much, which was kind of a bummer, because we had a good flow going, but we are planning another date soon. I think there is something different with Mitch. And I truly think it has a lot to do with OK Cupid. It’s nice to talk and communicate and see someone’s photos and bios. It’s different than someone’s photos and bios on a Facebook or Google+ page because on OK Cupid, everyone is looking for a similar thing! Whether it’s marriage material, a fun fling, a nice date, friendship, etc. I never thought I would be saying these things, but now more than ever, I truly get the phrase, “Don’t knock it ‘till you try it!” I’ve been converted.
So now that you guys are caught up on how I’m feeling about the whole concept of online dating, I thought I would share a pretty hilarious/weird/interesting anecdote from this week that I took mental note of, because it was just too good to keep to myself and not share with the entire Internet. That’s another great thing about online dating—nonstop entertainment
That time I got matched up with my best guy friend…
 So, I was just trolling OK Cupid, minding my own business when I get a notification that OK Cupid has some new matches for me to check out. I went to check it out, and what do I see? I see my best guy friend in the world’s face staring back at me. I didn’t even know what to think at first. I had about a million thoughts running through my head. Why didn’t he tell me he was on OK Cupid? Why was he on OK Cupid in the first place? How did we get matched up? And obviously the most important thing: Why did he use a photo of us for his profile and then CROP ME OUT? I’m allowed to be offended about that, right?
I immediately called my best girl friend to tell her about this kismet moment, and when she started cracking up, I loosened up a little. I guess it was kind of funny. She recommended that I tell him I’m on OK Cupid, too, before he finds me just like how I found him, because he might feel as weird as I did about it. And then she asked me a really strange question–“Are you mad that he’s on OK Cupid?” Was I mad? Why would she even ask me that? I guess I should preface that this best guy friend and I have had a pretty complicated and long “friendship” for years. Basically consisting of love confessions (both of us at different times…), love rejections (both of us at different times…), and drunken hookups (both of us at the same time, obvi). I guess I kind of always had this notion that he needed to be in love with me forever (even if I didn’t love him back), and he was supposed to pine over me for eternity and go to his grave never loving anyone but me. That’s fair, right?
In the end, I respected his decision to look for love other than me, and told him that I was on there too. He seemed kind of embarrassed (because of the dreaded Online Dating Stigma), but then questioned why I was on it. I told him about the CC article, and that I was doing it for my art (not fully true), and he just rolled his eyes. He told me he’d been on a few dates, but nothing serious. Then I started getting this weird feeling in my stomach—jealously pangs. Guys and girls can’t be friends, can they?
So guys, here I am, wondering if OK Cupid just led me to where I needed to be a long time ago—with a guy I’ve known for years. We did get matched up after all, and I have always wondered what it would be like if we finally took the plunge and started dating. We made plans to go out to dinner later this week, and I’m not sure if I should say something or if this is just my head playing tricks on me. Did I find my future boyfriend on OK Cupid after all? What about Mitch? This is turning into a daytime soap, guys! I’ll keep you posted! Until next time!

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Need To Be A Better Packer This Summer?
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