Host The Ultimate Summer Barbecue [Video] [Giveaway]

Memorial day marks the first real tease of the summer season. Cut-off shorts, sun glasses and cold beer become acceptable attire for just about any occasion, making this my absolute favorite time of year. Day parties turn into night parties that turn into dawn parties, and this beautiful cycle repeats every single weekend. It’s heavenly. A crucial part to any summer shindig is having the right ingredients. Sure, you can get away with an ice chest full of cold beer and a tub of mystery punch, but why not take it up a notch? CollegeCandy sat down with Frito-Lay Executive Chef Steven Kalil and Tara Anderson to get the low down on how to prepare the ultimate summer celebration on a college budget! Whether you’re hosting a few friends or gathering a larger group, they have tips and tricks for making your party one to remember. I mean, can you think of a time when chips and dip didn’t make something ten times better? Frito-Lay has an entire assortment of easy summer recipes!

Frito-Lay was also awesome enough to send us a prize pack for one of our lucky readers with all the essentials necessary to jump-start your party. Watch the video and let us know which dish is your favorite and why in order to win the prize!

Pack includes:

• 8 bags of chips (two of each brand)
• 6 coupons for free Frito-Lay product (can include dips)
Cuisinart Grill Set
Taylor Meat Thermometer
Anchor Chip and Dip Set
• Red Frito-Lay tote bag

What was your favorite recipe from the video? Start commenting below for your chance to win the Frito-Lay prize pack!

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