5 Tito's Vodka Cocktails To Spice Up Your Summer [Recipes]

Its that time of year again: Memorial Day Weekend. The sun is shining, school is ending, and moods are lifting everywhere. What better way to kick off your summer than relaxing in the warmth, hanging out with friends and, of course, drinking by the pool.
But who wants to begin the summer with the same old boring drinks they’ve been drinking all year? It’s time to shake things up a bit, get a little festive. After all, we should be thankful we’re no longer stuck drinking in the cold confines of a house or dorm. ‘Tis the season to darty (read: day party)!
Luckily, we have just the drinks to get you started: Tito’s Vodka Cocktails. They’re the perfect mix of sun and alcohol, and isn’t that what vacation is all about? Even better, Tito himself came to our office and offered us a demo on how to make these drinks, and trust me — once you make them, you’ll have yet another reason to thank heaven it’s summertime.

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