Organize Your Recipes with Forkchop [Web Spy]

I love cooking and finding new recipes, but my organization system could use a little work. Right now it’s nonexistent — all my recipes are either in a bookmarked page of a cookbook, copied from a magazine and stuffed into a folder, or housed on Evernote or Pinterest. I may have finally found a way to keep it all under control, however, with Forkchop.
Forkchop helps you keep all your recipes in one place by allowing you to import them from various website and magazines. Once you have all your recipes uploaded to the system, it’s easy to search and  keep them all organized. You can add in your own recipes or import them from anywhere on the web via their bookmarklet.
Forkchop also allows you to take notes when cooking (so if a you make any changes or additions) or make changes to the recipe itself (in case the recipe calls for more onion than you’d care for or you find that the if the baking time isn’t quite right) and save them all to the system as well.
One of my favorite features of Forkchop, though, is the shopping list feature. Choose a recipe from your list and click “add to shopping list.” Forkchop then adds all the ingredients to a shopping list automatically! You can also add in other ingredients or import the ingredients from another recipe with just a few more clicks, then easily pull the list up on your phone when you’re at the store.
Right now, Forkchop is still in beta, so using it is totally free! So if you think it sounds cool, don’t wait to sign up!

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