Go Retro Glam Without The Time Machine

It’s way too easy to get into a make-up rut. You’re running late. You don’t feel like wasting your money on something you’re unsure of. You’re comfortable. There are a million and seventeen reasons not to change a look you’ve perfected. But everyone needs to shake up their make-up bag every once in a  while!
One sure fire way to change your look without jumping off of a make-up cliff is by going with a classic look. It’s worked for thousands of other women, so you’ll look fabulous too. No nerves necessary. Right now, the retro glam look isn’t so retro anymore. It’s everywhere in 2012. Who doesn’t want to be described as “glamourous,”  because I know I do! Our friends at College Fashion give you the easiest tutorial ever to get the look, including what products to buy. If it were any simpler, they would have to come to your house/dorm/apartment and do it for you!
Ariana Romero is a student at Syracuse University. That would probably explain why she once had a load of laundry filled solely with orange tee shirts. She watches too much television and reads too much entertainment news than is probably healthy. Follow her on Twitter @ArianaRomero17.
[Lead image via Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock]

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