12 Most Irritating Things Girls Do [Dude’s List]

Nobody’s perfect to everyone else. There are things we all do that just bug the hell out of other people. We may not even realize we’re doing them. We may only do them in certain situations or at certain times of the month. But people do irritating stuff! It happens. And no matter how many times you mention it to them, no matter how many times you bring it up, make the other person aware, or flat out call them out on it, they just, keep, DOING, IT! With that insanity driven state in mind, here are 12 irritating things that girls do. That’s right, not 11 but 12!!!

There you have a dozen irritating things you might do and not even realize that you do. Or totally know that you’re doing. Here’s my favorite part about the above list: 8 of them came from members of your own gender. SURPRISE! They even claimed to be guilty of some but that didn’t make them proud. Did I miss any? Were these a little unfair? Can you tell which ones the ladies contributed and which the guys did? And speaking of the guys, don’t think they’re going to get off easy. There’s always a next Dude’s List…

Taking my leave,

Dude Pennyworth

[Lead image via EDHAR/Shutterstock]

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