Guess This Celeb From Their High School Picture!


Remember High School? If you gagged a little at the thought of how awkward and weird that time was, then you and I are in the same boat. Better yet, a well known celebrity is on board with us! Before the days of crazy face/body paint and songs about out-of-this-world parties, this person was wearing mismanaged curls and unintentionally ironic t-shirts just like the rest of us!

Hopefully this photograph proves to you that there are way better things to come after High School and that you can grow out of any look if you try hard enough! Here are three clues for you to guess this celeb…

  1. That dark hair is now much blonder and typically caked in glitter that she loves to throw around at clubs.
  2. She’s traded in that Lakers jersey for a more subtle walk-of-shame approach.
  3. And who could leave out her secret ingredient for her 180 degree transformation? Her bottle of Jack, of course!

Leave your guesses in the comments below!!

[Lead image via Thinglass/Shutterstock]