How To Tell If You're One Night Stand Material

Picture this, you’re at the bar, dressed to the nines, sipping your drink, ready to go, and yet…you’re alone. You know you look good, vibrant, alive, you made sure of it before you left the house, but the girl a few seats down is getting all the attention! And then, just like that, she’s swept off her feet (and out of the bar) by the guy YOU had your eye on. How and why did that happen!?
What makes a girl one night stand acceptable? What is it exactly that makes a guy want to bring you home? The answer may not be what you think, ladies, and to be honest, it might not be one you like very much at all. Click here┬áto find out what exactly it is that those guys are looking for, and remember, it may not be such a bad thing to go home alone after all…
[Lead image via Yuri Arcurs/Shutterstock]

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