The 10 Sexiest Things About Guys [He Said/She Said]

Today I sat down to think about all the reasons I thought men were sexy. Rough life, right? Well, it’s a little harder than you might think. Perhaps we don’t give guys enough credit around here, but it really is true — when they’re not saying or doing something stupid — we’re completely crazy about them and all their manly habits. Of course there are the easy answers, the physical things, but so much of that is subjective. I like tall guys with messy, dark hair; my best friend likes short, clean-cut gingers. Tomato to-mah-to. It’s hard to pinpoint one physical idea all women worship (no, I don’t find Skarsgard or Fassbender attractive…sorry).
Somewhat surprisingly, it’s easier to find common ground on those more nebulous characteristic — the personality traits, not the physical ones. When getting the opinion of my friends, I thought I’d be more alone on some of these things than it turned out. See what I think are the 10 sexiest things about guys, and let me know if I skipped one of your favorites!

And don’t forget to see what He Said are the 10 sexiest things about women!

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How Do I Tell Him He Gave Me An STD!? [Ask a Dude]
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