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How To: Be a Better Roommate


At some point in our lives we will all have to live with a roommate, whether it’s in college, when we’ve finally moved out of our parent’s house, or when we take that giant leap in our relationships. Whatever the situation may be, remember the piece of advice that we learned when we were kids: Treat others how you want to be treated. I will preface my list by saying there are a few types of roommates that are not even worth trying to help. These are my top three to avoid at all costs:  The harlot– brings anything with two legs into his/her bed; strings of strangers in the apartment are a big no-no. The dirt bag slob– falls asleep clutching a bottle of hot sauce on your bed.  This person will never change. Lastly, the Squatter– doesn’t pay a dime, but somehow still thinks is entitled to live there. You’ll never get money out of this freeloader. That being said, if you follow my guidelines you’ll not only get along better with your roommate, but you’ll love coming home!