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Tips to Keep Your Crush’s Attention After the First Impression


So, we all know first impressions are important, but what about all the ones after that? For example, we snag a cute guy or girl’s attention with our good looks and charming smile at first glance (of course), but then, oh no, they’re walking over to talk and, well, to put it nicely…we’re screwed.

This calls for a quick brush up on flirting techniques, don’t you think? Well don’t fret, we have the tips to KEEP them interested, or at least mildly intrigued. I know you’re curious, we could all use a few extra tricks up our sleeve.  So, here’s your help: click here for find out the 6 ways to be a better flirt.  You won’t regret it!

[Lead image via Dmitry Kalinovsky /Shutterstock]