DIY Summer Sneakers!


If you’re like me, you’ve spent the majority of your hard-earned cash on shoes. It’s hard to walk past a store and deny your feet what they deserve! With Summer at arms length and saving for school on your mind, you can still enable your shoe addiction while remaining frugal! While on Pinterest (as usual), I came across this crafty way to keep my relationship with footwear strong but smart! Stay the shoe envy of your friends, even on a budget.

What you’ll need:

  • White canvas shoes (they’re only $13 at H&M!)
  • Two fabric paint pens (black and grey or one light and one dark of the same color)
  • Masking Tape (one roll of 1/4 inch width and one of a full inch width)
  • Tissue paper

How to spruce up those shoes:

I’m not very crafty at all, and art is something that definitely gets me frustrated. With that said, even the art challenged can do this DIY shoe design! It’s all about directions. For these instructions, we have the gingham design!

First, remove the laces – we don’t want them to get in the way, and if they’re paintless, it creates a crisper look all around!

Then you want to take the one-inch tape and tape the entire sole as to prevent paint from getting on that, as well.

Once the soles are taped up, take your tissue paper and stuff it into the toe of the shoe. This helps firm the shoe up to prevent it from collapsing under your fabric pen and messing up your design!

Next, take your thin tape and place one piece in the center of the front of your shoe. Take your second piece and place it 1/4 of an inch away from the first. The spacing should be identical to the width of the tape you’re using!

Cover the entire shoe, and then begin painting! Take the lighter colored pen for this initial step. After you’re done with painting, let it dry.

Remove the tape and re-tape the shoe going horizontally, now. Paint and dry once more.

Peel off the tape to reveal your gingham pattern!

Take your darker fabric pen and go over the lighter markings by the intersection of the squares. Once you’re finished, you can remove the giant tape from the sole and re-install your laces! Voila!

[Thanks to Connie Wang and Sue Williamson of Refinery 29 for the idea!] [lead image via Erin Yamagata]