Welcome to the 19th Annual Testicle Festival [WTF Friday]


If you’re feeling down in the dumps, like you can’t find a single thing to do this boring summer, then it’s time to quit your worrying.  I found the perfect event for you: The 19th Annual Testicle Festival in Olean, Missouri. It’s only $5 and children under 12 get in free!

WTF!   I don’t know even know where to begin with this!  First of all, what exactly is a “Testicle Festival”?  I’m not really sure what exactly would be on display at an event like this, and to be honest, I’m not sure I really want to know…

Would there be pictures involved?  Yuck, I am shuddering at that thought.  But now after letting my mind wander a bit, I’m shuddering even MORE at the thought that there may be real people on display. Fortunately, I did some research and found that it’s turkey testicles! I wonder if they have games like any other festival or prizes?  I have to say my curiosity is peaked.  Would I attend this festival?  No, probably not, but hey, if you’re really bored, there’s always a penis…er I mean testicle festival you can surely attend.