Style a Maxi Dress to Match Your Mood!

One of my close friends just bought a maxi dress. Originally, I was a tad concerned. I always thought you had to look like Naomi Campbell or Gisele to rock one. Well, once my friend sent me a picture and I realized I was dead wrong, she looked fabulous! Now, I’m kind of dying to pick one up. They’re airy, boho chic and seem super comfortable. That basically sounds like a summer outfit jackpot. Once you’re tired of denim shorts everyday, a maxi dress is the perfect alternative.
If you’re suspicious of the maxi dress ¬†too (but are secretly wishing to try it), check out some amazing style tips from our friends at College Fashion. Whether you’re looking to be super casual or take your maxi to an art galley, they have you covered.
[Lead image via cellistka/Shutterstock]

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