Celebrate Anderson Cooper's Birthday With His Best On-Air Moments [Video]

Today is Anderson Cooper’s 45th birthday, and the Silver Fox is everywhere. He’s the host of Anderson Cooper 360 and a new daytime show called Anderson Cooper. But before all of that, he started out making his own news segments which he sold to Channel One. How did he gain access to exclusive news stories without being associated with a station? Oh no big deal, he just forged press passes. Kick ass.
I love this man, who by the way, is one of the few openly gay news anchors in the business. If he wanted to make out with me though, I totally wouldn’t object. He speaks his mind and is a news media powerhouse. In honor of A-Coop’s birthday, we’ve rounded up some of his best on-air moments! Enjoy!

Anderson Cooper kicks the “Human Barbie” off of his show
Anderson Cooper gets the giggles
Anderson Cooper gets the giggles again
Anderson Cooper tries Coke Blak and spits it out
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