12 Things You Didn’t Know About Miss USA Olivia Culpo


Did anyone else notice how busy primetime TV was yesterday? So busy, that you might have missed the crowing of the newest Miss USA, twenty-year-old Boston University student Olivia Culpo. This is the young woman that’s going to represent our fair nation in the inter-galatic battle known as Miss Universe. She’s pretty important.

But, you may have been too focused on Russell Brand’s Kimye jokes or the future of Westeros to learn about our lovely new delegate. Plus, they left out tons of fun facts about Culpo in last night’s broadcast. The hardworking student and musician isn’t just another pretty face in the crowd. If you want to know more about the Miss USA 2012 (or just marvel at her gorgeous dresses), check out the fun facts below.

Ariana Romero is a student at Syracuse University. Which would probably explain why she once had a load of laundry filled solely  with orange tee shirts. She watches too much television and reads too much entertainment news than is probably healthy. Follow her on Twitter @ArianaRomero17 or read her Hollywood ramblings at her blog

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