15 Signs It's Time To Walk Away

There comes a time in most relationships when you must decide to, excuse my Texan, ‘shit or get off the pot.’ Relationship milestones are no mystery. There’s the “getting to know one another and going on dates” phase, the “okay, we’re more than casual but not calling each other boyfriend or girlfriend (you know, because it’s really trendy to have commitment issues these days)” phase, followed by the “I mean, it’s obvious that we’re together exclusively, but we haven’t really talked about it” phase, and finally the “yeah, we’ve been dating for years” phase. Maybe there are a few I overlooked, but at each intersection of relationship stages, a moment of decision arises. To stay or not to stay? That is the question. Progressing through each stage requires a deeper level of compatibility and the willingness to make a larger commitment.  Do you have it?
There are plenty of reasons to end a relationship; some obvious and some more subtle, some that make leaving easy and others that let you linger. I decided to pose the topic to my kickball league. I asked guys and gals ranging from 21-33 about their past relationships, and when they knew it was time to walk away. Check out their answers below and let us know if any resonate with you and your situation!
What do you think? When do you know it’s time to walk away?

The Proper Way to Break Up With Someone
The Proper Way to Break Up With Someone
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