Mitt Romney Joins Tumblr Along With These 7 Surprising Celebs

You know the internet has hit another ridiculous milestone when a presidential candidate has now JOINED tumblr. Yes, you read right, the 2012 Republic nominee for president, Mitt Romney, is now officially managing his own tumblr.
That in itself is pretty crazy, considering most “celebs” have a whole team dedicated to keeping up their own blogs. But see, when I say celebs, typically I mean those who starred in movies, created albums or showed the world their personalities in TV shows; but this celebrity is unlike most others. He is in the running to LEAD our country, and now, he has his own Tumblr. Talk about appealing to the Internet Generation!
But he’s not the only “star” who takes the time to manage his tumblr. Check out some more who actually run their own tumblrs, too!
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Perfectly Timed Photos [Photos]
Perfectly Timed Photos [Photos]
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