10 True Tricks No One Believes

Lately, I’ve been introduced to some pretty rad sites on the internet, but I’m pretty sure what I just discovered today tops the charts.

And what is it that I just discovered? Tricks that are pretty unbelievable, if you ask me but apparently really do work! I mean think about Tabasco sauce, the sauce that scorches your insides, and then, think of ginger ale, you know, the drink to settle your insides. Oh, and now, think of them together. Well, according to the internet geniuses of Reddit, adding just one drop (and ONLY one drop) of Tabasco sauce into your glass of ginger ale will diminish the syrupy flavor and make it much drier…and more delicious.

Hmm… interesting, but that wasn’t all. ┬áRead on to find 10 more “tricks” from Redditors that sound… interesting, to say the least.

[Lead image via olly/Shutterstock]

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