The 10 Least Sexy Things About Guys [He Said/She Said]

Last week I listed for you the top 10 sexiest things about guys, according to me (since I’m an authority on all things sexy, duh). Most of you agreed with my list, which was an unexpected surprise. Hopefully the same will go this week as I dive into the scary territory of not-so-sexy male traits. Forget complaints like “leaving the toilet seat up”; that’s nothing compared to the horrible, unfortunately true stories I was confronted with today as I polled my friends on the matter.

Turns out there’s nothing worse than getting excited over a new guy in your life, only to find he’s guilty of committing one of these 10 unsexy sins.

Wanna know what unsexy things He Said he simply can’t stand in a girl? Check it out over at!

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[Lead image via Everett Collection/Shutterstock]

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