Who’s Who at Bonnaroo [CC Playlist]


Each summer, music festivals strive to bring up-and-coming performers together with established artists to create the ultimate concert experience. While outdoor music — like sex and pizza — is pretty good even when it’s bad, Bonnaroo is on another level. It’s the equivalent of having dirty sex with Brad Pitt while eating pizza.

What sets Bonnaroo apart from the other, arguably more-chic festivals is that they grab the most random and talked-about assortment of talent, asking them to do their thing in the middle of a sweltering field in Tennessee. I mean, why not?

This year features Phish, Ludacris, The Beach Boys, Skrillex, Bon Iver and dozens of others. We thought we’d throw together a Bonnaroo-themed playlist for you so you can get to know some of our favorite artists that will be taking the stage. Whether you’re attending this weekend or not, our playlist (and Bonnaroo’s official YouTube livestream) will get you pumped to rock out.

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