A Guide to the Gluten Free Lifestyle: Eating Out [One Month Challenge]

So you read the intro about just exactly what the gluten free diet is. But what does it entail? A lot.

Being gluten free requires 100% awareness 100% of the time. Yes, that’s right – even when you’re drunk. Late night eating is a toughie. Think back to last semester. Remember those chicken fingers your BF(F) is eating in the dining hall after a frat party… The smell warms your nose and makes you smile inside. You beg for a bite. But no. They’re filled with gluten. Ugh, SO RUDE.

Okay, so drunk late night fried food eating is off limits. But everything else doesn’t have to be! The key to being gluten free is learning to advocate for yourself! Eating out is totally possible. Celiacs/gluten intolerants can be cool and social, too! I promise.

If a group of friends are going out to dinner, just find out the restaurant beforehand and make a quick phone call. You don’t have to miss out on eating out just because you’re on the GF diet! Almost every restaurant knows about gluten free these days and almost every restaurant can make something grilled (or pan-fried if they put bread on their grill). There is something to eat almost everywhere!

At first you might be embarrassed to speak up… I was. I felt like I was being an organic, LA, annoying DI-VA, but it had to become a way of life. Even though it may seem like all you want to do is eat like a little hungry movie star, asking a million questions isn’t annoying – it’s absolutely necessary. Getting cross-contaminated with gluten is NOT fun. Your stomach can get bad… if you know what I mean. So taking all precautions to avoid a few days of icky sickness is worth it. Your roommates will be thankful, too. As well as your bathroom.

Still too embarrassed to ask all those questions? Google some gluten free restaurants in your area and grab some friends and try them! Places with gluten free menus make it easier to safely order effortlessly. And it’s super exciting to find GF friendly restaurants near school. Like, actually the most exciting thing that could ever happen to me since neon coming back into style.

Bottom line of this week’s post? Being gluten free means you can be social! Slowly learn to speak up and bring your friends along for support. You’re not being a diva. I promise. If anyone is, it’s Gwyneth Paltrow. I can just imagine her little blonde Barbie figure ordering half a grilled salmon and raw spinach leaves. Yuck. You’ll be fine.

Peace, Love, Gluten Free,


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