DIY Cute And Easy Summer Headbands

It’s summertime, and that means the sailor look is definitely in.  You know the colored pants, striped tank top and sunglasses, but you can’t forget a crucial piece to this look: the headband.  Now, of course, you can go out and BUY a new headband to perfect your look, BUT why not make it yourself? That way, when you get those compliments, you can totally take credit.  Plus, it’s so easy, your dad could do it.

Transform your look by yourself!  And spend only a small amount of money doing it…

What you’ll need:

1. Plain headband

2. Fabric paint (only if your headband isn’t the color of your desire)

3. Rhinestones of every color

4. Super glue

How to actually make your headband something special:

If your headband isn’t the color you want, use that fabric paint to paint your headband.  Simple enough so far, right?  Wait for the paint to dry.  And for the last step, (I know what you’re thinking: two steps? This is waaaay too easy!) use your super glue to glue each rhinestone to the headband where you want them.  And viola!  You’re done!

[lead image via Gregory June /Shutterstock]

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