The Essentials to Having Great Sex

There are do’s and don’ts in the bedroom. Or on the kitchen counter…in the shower…elevator, hehe-um, sorry, getting lost in my fantasy life-and this is an article about the do’s and not the don’ts. You know what I really care about when it comes down to having sex? Feeling like the other person wants to f*ck me even more than I want to f*ck her. Let’s, get, GRITTY!
Yeah, we’re not talking about “making love,” we’re talking about sex. We’re talking about some really good, toe curling, Jesus seeing, white light blinding sex. And what matters when it comes to having that isn’t safety, its passion. One of they key components? Eye contact. It’s sexy as all get out when having sex. I mean, you want to see it, you want to feel it, you want to connect, and there’s nothing like connecting through some serious eye f*cking.
Another thing to keep in mind? How you undress each other. Some people love the striptease, others want to do the stripping, and some want to get animal about it. It’s all about the pacing. There’s no real right way, you just know when it may be the wrong way.
The biggest thing: Anticipation. Teasing. Push someone to the edge and then pull them back. Don’t let them go over until you want them to. That’s on the dominant days. Sometimes you don’t want to be the one in control, and then it’s good to be on the receiving end of the teasing. An orgasm lasts for seconds, but you can make anticipation last for hours.
You know what’s great for anticipation? FOREPLAY! Yes, Ladies, we have heard of the term and some of us even specialize in it. Foreplay is my friend. Foreplay is my f*cking friend. I’m a big giver. Like, LOVE to give. I’m almost more into my partner’s pleasure than my own. Call it the result of a self-deprecating demeanor, but it is what it is. If my partner’s not into it, I’m not into it. So I make damn well certain my partner’s into it!
The key to the best sex of your life? Communication. It’s not just about talking dirty. It’s about paying attention. Here’s the formula for great sex as proposed by, I think, Einstein or Newton or Jenna Jameson–one of the foremost respected thinkers of our times anyway:
Listen, respond, check in, and repeat.
That, in a nutsac, are the bare essentials to having great sex.
Wishing you bedroom bliss,
The Dude
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