Are You Being Treated Like a Doormat?

So there’s this guy, you’re really into him, he has pretty much every quality you’re looking for, you’re willing to do anything for him! And… he’s willing to do anything for you?
See, if that is the case, then more power to you, but there’s a slight chance, that may not be the real story…
You’re trying hard to be the perfect girl, to be accommodating, to be fun, right? But where do you draw the line? I know, it’s a hard line to see, but there IS a difference between being generous in a healthy relationship and being well… a complete sucker. What is it? Click here to see 10 signs you’re being treated like a doormat. Trust me, it’s not a pretty place to be, no one wants to be stepped all over, literally…
[Lead image via sunsetman/Shutterstock]

Tuffy Luv Sez: He's SO Not Worth It
Tuffy Luv Sez: He's SO Not Worth It
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