7 Summer Essentials You Can’t Live Without

It’s a beautiful day outside, your friends are waiting for you, and all you want to do is get out of the house! So, what’s stopping you? Your stupid wardrobe, that’s what! You can’t figure out what to wear!  Ah, the horn is honking, you’re feeling the stress, the pressure, what’s a college kid to do!

Well, have no fear.  We’ve done our research and found the 7 Summer Wardrobe Staples.  With these, you can’t go wrong and picking out a great outfit will be easier than you could ever imagine!  Click hereto find out how to decrease your getting-ready-mood from stressed and anxious to simple and fabulous!

But that’s not all! ReadyU wants to help you too (no rhyme intended)! By clicking that link, you can find out how to win their amazing summer pack valued at 200 dollars! I kid you not. You have the chance to win everyday necessities PLUS a duffel bag to keep all your new stuff in!  What more could you ask for!  Enjoy!

[Lead image via YanLev/Shutterstock]

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