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The 16 Worst Celebrity Beach Bodies [PHOTOS]


Over the years, we’ve come to expect bikini pictures of all our favorite celebrities. We are obsessed with their style, their diets, their fitness regimes…and their flaws. Because it makes us feel just a little bit better about our normal human status, right? Who knows. Our society is engrossed with the rich and the famous, and that puts a lot of pressure on these individuals to be the most perfect versions of themselves. When they gain 10 lbs, we know. When they lose 20, we know. When they get plastic surgery, we know. The internet shows us everything. So here are some of our favorite celebs who have committed some bikini fails over the years. Take a moment to relish in the fact that they’re not always perfect without the meticulous photoshopping.

President / Executive Editor - COED Media Group. NYC via Austin, Texas.