Keeping Up With Kris Humphries

Will the drama ever stop? Probably not. I wonder if Kris Humphries knew that once he got involved with the Kardashian Klan, his life would suddenly become super interesting to the public. I mean I certainly want to know what possessed him to marry Kim, I’m sure other people have lots of questions as well. Other than his 72-day marriage, he’s really not that interesting. But alas, we find every bit of scandal attached to the Kardashian name entertaining to say the least.
So apparently Kris Humphries’ ex-girlfriend, Myla Sinanaj, who kind of looks like Kim, is pissed because they broke up and he won’t talk to her. TMZ has a charming voicemail from this lovely lady where she says, “If he’s going to play me like that, I have way more sh*t I can put out.” Well color you classy, Myla. This is all coming out because Kris claimed she was running a brothel out of the hotel she was working at. Oh and she may have tried to extort money out of Kris because he wanted her to sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding their relationship. How very Christian Grey of him.

I know Kris is at fault for being in the public eye and whatnot, but can’t the guy catch a break? I don’t think he’s the most awesome person on the planet. In fact every interview or footage I’ve seen of him makes me cringe, and I think he’s kind of douchey. But I do wish he could steer clear of some drama. He was the butt of a reality TV show joke, and he’s in the middle of a divorce. Now he has to deal with this crazy too? That’s a little much.
What do you think about this drama? What do you think this girl allegedly has on Kris?
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